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Updates finally arrived!

We apologize for the delay for the fixes. We have just updated all of our speed dial apps. They should now work fine in iOS 6+.

Way too buggy!

Seriously annoying fix the bugs!


Used to work great. Is there an update?

Please fix!

I just requested (through their website) that the display when in a call be fixed. This worked a few updates back but after ios7 has not. It's most frustrating as this was a great app until it stopped displaying the call options (speaker / keypad / end / etc.) when you are in a call. Used to love this I'm looking elsewhere--even willing to pay for a working speed dial. Sadness...

Too many bugs!

Used to work but now it doesn't. Rings twice before answering. Don't download until the bug is fixed!!!


When I try to open the app it just crashes and goes back to home!!

You need to UPDATE the APP!!

It's great, it just won't work on my 4! 😁

Great app!!

I like the speed dial apps because their actual speed dials you don't have to go into an app like the others but they should make one for "my house"

It just won't work.!

I would be very pleased if this app worked on my 4. The Mom and Ex work fine. PLEASE update.!


I would like to continue use my app sometime this century... Can someone fix this.. It's been over a month now...

Update Please!!!!

Most of these don't work now with os4... It's been over a month now. Update Please!!!!


Works exactly as described. And I like the hearts. :0)

Worked Great with 2.2.1....

App needs to be doesn't work properly with the new 3.0 version of the software. Not sure how it works with the new iPhone, but the 2nd gen phone it is not a speed dial have to "confirm" the number you are dialing after you touch the icon. Will be 5 stars if they update, if not, I'm going to remove the icons I have purchased...

i  this app

The hearts r so cute. I have mom & dad so easy to call them. Hey!! It's free

Incredibly convienent

I love these apps. I have 4 and I use them all the time, multiple times a day. They rarely crash and make my life much easier. Support these awesome developers!

Decent app

It's simple

Happy folks

My parent's were happy to see they were thought of. It is very easy to use!

Very Nice!

Very cool app. Looks nice and works great!

Love It

Sure anyone loves freebees and would get more apps if they were free but that's not it. You either like it, love it, or hate it. A 4 star on a love it is rediculous, on a like it yes but not on a love it. Here's a 4 star. Will get more of these for .99 cents. :-D

Xtremely Plzd

Works great. Thought it was a little weird that the title didn't appear on the screen as just "Dad". I really don't need the "My" infront of my father's speed dial.

Love it!

Love the heart! Use it everyday! One touch is all you need!


I love it but wish more were free. They're cuter than favorites, but favorites is free. If this was free I'd use way more

Loves it!!!

This is awesome app!! I just wish the apps for my love and my sister were free also. Thanks!!


It works on update 2.2, it just gets stuck on the phone app part. To fix it for now, click the standby button on your iPhone and then wake it up and exit. Very nice, can't wait for an update.


Works great! Thank you.

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